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  Rongcheng Haida fishmeal Co. Ltd.(short as “Haida fishmeal”below) was founded in 2002, and is located in the biggest harbor in Northern China—Shidao Harbor in Shandong Rongcheng with registered capital of 55,000,000 yuan, The company occupies an area of 246 mu, with construction area of 43,000 square meters. Its fixed assets are 236,000,000 yuan with more than 160 staffs.

  Since the company was founded, it takes “Honesty, High Quality, High Efficiency” as its management theory, to achieve large-scale production, delicate management, leading role in the industry, brand marketing and maximum benefit, making effort in researching and producing fishmeal and fish oil. The company has achieved excellent in both producing and selling with a good trend, making it the biggest fishmeal producing enterprise in China. In current years, The company changed its operation mode from sole fishmeal production to a multi-element group with the producing and selling of fishmeal, fish oil and shrimp meal as the main body and ocean fishing, logistics and refrigeration, culture industry operation as the supplement.  

  In 2012, the company is authorized as “The top enterprise of agriculture industry in Weihai”; In 2012, our company joined International Fishmeal Fish Oil Organization (IFFO, the headquarter is in London, England), being its first manufacturer member in China. It regularly shares information with industry experts and enterprises in the world, which greatly enhances international influence. In 2014, our company joined Shandong Feed Industry Association, becoming one of its standing members.

  The main product of the company—“Weibo” Fishmeal and Fish Oil are made of superior sea eel with excellent quality, which is recognized and praised by many Chinese renowned feed enterprises. The products are mainly sold to Tongwei, Haida, New Hope, Zhengda and other first class feed manufacturers in China and it gets stable and broad marketing sales in China. Currently, “Weibo” Fishmeal owns 10% domestic market, and it is already a famous brand in Feed Industry and its demands exceed supply all the time.

  In 2012, our company responded to the resolution of the government about the rectification and reform of fishmeal, weeding out all the backward equipment and plant, investing 200,000,000 to expand the new fishmeal factory. It starts in August 2012 to extend fishmeal factory covering 110 mu of land and in October 2013, officially put it into use. Now, the new factory of our company is the biggest single fishmeal produce factory in Asia.  

  In 2013, the company sold 70,000 tones of fishmeal, 10,000 tones of fish oil and 10000 tones of shrimp meals, achieving 800,000,000-yuan sales income. Now, our company is the biggest fishmeal manufacturer in China, making it the top enterprise in the industry.

  Now our company is upgrading its manufacturing technique, the new fish protein peptide line enzymolys is the original low value fish solution, resolving it into high efficiency hydrone structure, marching to high-end roaster feed market. On the one hand, it can promote product additional value, and on the other hand it can improve the overall quality of the product, every ton of the product can add 1000-yuan of new value, with a total increase in tens of millions of income every year. 

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